Advantages to Working With an Intermediary

1. Exposure to a larger group of listings.

2. Many businesses do not advertise that they are for sale.

3. We only work on an exclusive basis with our clients.

4. We’re hired to help screen for serious buyers.

5. We help manage the expectations of the Seller. Price, terms, components of the sales process- most have never sold a business before.

6. We can coach you through the acquisition process.

7. We know the Seller’s business and can better prepare you for what to expect in the meetings. Personalities, client base, employees, etc.

8. And finally, you need a ‘bad’ guy.

  1. To handle negotiations.
  2. To give ‘uncomfortable’ feedback.
  3. To gracefully get you out if you discover you don’t want to proceed.
  4. Through this, you remain the ‘good’ guy.